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Change colors by tying one color to another at the back of the plate. Choosing fabrics with bold patterns and contrasting colors is a great way to tie together a couple of furnishings that wouldn’t ordinarily “go” together, from a color wheel perspective. Trim off the excess yarn, and tie it in a knot. Once you’re finished, tie the yarn to Nail 11. Trim off excess yarn. Then jazz it up with yarn and all sorts of trim — some rough, some smooth, some shiny, and even some unexpected, such as wire. Thread the yarn in and out in even stitches about 1 inch apart down the center of the netting. Step 3: Starting about 1/2 inch from the outer edge of the plate at one of the pencil marks, cut a 2-1/2-inch slit toward the center of the plate. Step 2: Following the illustrations, pencil in a number next to each nail. Step 2: Use a pencil to lightly mark 3-inch increments around the edge of the plate to indicate spacing. Step 3: Use the needle and yarn to sew a gathering stitch through the netting. Buy carpet labeled low VOC (volatile organic compound), 10 x 12 persian rug which limits the use of substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Cheaper models may have loose seals or poor designs that result in either low suction power or uncontrolled dust dispersal within the vacuum itself, requiring cleaning. We all know that when bagged vacuums fill up with dust — or crayon tips and pennies, if you have kids in the house — there’s a steady decline in suction power. As with a bagged vacuum, bagless vacuums draw in air through an intake valve. Why just draw a picture when you can make it look three dimensional? Look on the next page to learn more about string art. Look around for objects that need a splash of color, and then decorate them with tassels. Publications International, Inc. Yarn tassels are easy to make. Brighten up pillows, backpacks, or scarves with colorful yarn tassels. Step 6: When you’re done weaving, knot the yarn in back and cut off any excess yarn. Bring the hanger ends together to form a loop, handmade rug company york and tie a knot to secure it. Tie a knot at one end. Step 4: Tie another piece of yarn around the top third of the yarn loops. When you come back to Nail 1, tie the yarn to the nail.


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