The Town of East Hampton is warning residents of a “misleading” fundraising letter that’s been circulating in the town.

The US Deputy Sheriff’s Association, a nonprofit out of Wichita, Kansas, is asking Hamptonites to contribute to the “Drive for America’s Police and Sheriff’s Emergency Equipment Shortage,” requesting donations to pay for bulletproof vests and body armor for police officers. But town authorities have told locals, “This fundraising effort is not affiliated with our local police . . . Our department has not received, nor does it expect to receive, equipment donations from this group.”

David Hinners, director of the USDSA, denied any deception, telling us, “Nowhere does it say in the letter we are doing fundraising for that area. We are not doing fundraising in that area.”

He also told us if the East Hampton cops need anything, they can “get ahold of us to see if they qualify for any of our programs.”