All those fancy Broadway costumes are now collecting dust

Give your regards to Broadway? Not until springtime. So what’s with a show’s custom wardrobe that cost long months and big money to create? Per John Kristiansen, who handles the costumes for productions all across America: “Our 52 employees make bodices, corsetry, gowns, spats, shoe coverings, flowers, feathers, beads, millinery, special finishes. Pattern makers, sewers, knitters, hands that cut special fabrics. We have warehouses, storage, operators specializing in starching, stretching, handwork.

“Theater wardrobe requires major care. Performances every night, quick changes, four seasons, summer heat, performers adding or losing weight. There are hundreds of us in this industry.

“Fabrics hand-painted to match something get ripped, stained. Water damage. Food spilled. People who fall ill need clothes disinfected. Fabrics get brittle. Thin silk shifts. Wrong needle pokes a hole. We build with seam allowance. Quick changes bring quick rips. Daily wear and tear. Hems drag. Ruching’s caught. Shoulder pads shift. Zippers stick. Buttons fall. Buttonholes tear. Linings need laundering. Bones and interfacing move. Understudies have changes. Holes get poked, makeup smears.

“For Jeanna de Waal — who plays Princess Diana in the musical about her, which never opened but which Netflix filmed — people made gowns last July. With designers sitting on our shoulders, we sent them to India for special beading.”

What’s happened to all that when theaters close and shows are shut?

“They’re in locked rooms. Locked theaters. It’s the producer’s paid property. We don’t store anything. All belongs to the productions. The stuff is sitting around. Wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.” How did Kristiansen, who once delivered stained “Phantom of the Opera” wardrobe to Winzer Cleaners and back same day, start?

“College. I was an actor. I came to New York to be a designer. Working for a pattern maker, I cut the seam allowance for ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame.’ It was a fantastic experience.

And, No. 1 in the industry, he says: “Costumes are now just sitting in boxes.”

Hitting the Marx again

Everything old is gold again. “Raised Eyebrows: My Years in Groucho’s House” is a book about the Marx Brothers. The comedy trio, superfamous in films and TV from the ’30s to the ’70s, their main wiseass was Groucho. Known for his crouch, grouch and cigar, his life is now becoming a movie. So far the only ancient anything not yet optioned is Prometheus’ grocery list.

Some newish production company — Cold Iron Pictures, about which absolutely nobody’s heard — is doing it big-time for theatrical release. The author’s Steve Stoliar, a joke writer who lived at Groucho’s house and knew his longtime lady Erin Fleming.

Stoliar: “I wrote the original screenplay. Then came rewrites. Then they purchased the rights from me.”

By the time CV goes bye-bye and Hollywood can get off its assets, Alec Baldwin’s latest infant will be starring in it.

COVID effects

Besides cleaning out closets and drawers, our nation of pandemicniks is getting parts fixed. Three friends had cataract surgery. Four had hairdresser house calls. With chopstick length toenails, do-it-yourself pedicures. Furniture’s even having Botox.

And everyone’s an instant political savant. One I know has a Hamptons house, NYC office, two East Side homes, a Maserati, a Cadillac, summers in Italy, winters in Florida, designer suits and — with his teenage daughter shouting headlines — is now so far left that even his car won’t turn right.

Understand, after the election, TV newscasters will go poop. Nobody’ll watch. Pro or con, people tune in now because of Trump. If Joe Boredom wins, nobody will watch TV. He’s no draw. If Donald wins, it’ll seem like reruns. Like watching “Gunsmoke” again.

After the election’s over, so’s TV news.

And that’s not only in New York, kids, not only in New York.


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